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A Heart for God!

In the days of Lent leading up to Easter, many of us may have made some renewed promises related to our spiritual growth. Now, I wonder how we are doing in keeping those promises. It is not easy to follow through when there are so many distractions. Clear, sunny days with warmer temperatures call us to get outdoors where sporting activities, family gatherings, and home projects get in the way of following through. Our progress report card may have various boxes to be checked: weekly church attendance. small group participation, and service in the community. Are we keeping current with daily Bible readings, making time for prayerful reflections, and for those who like to write, journaling our insights? I like to follow the advice of one of my seminary professors years ago who declared, “You haven’t really thought about something until you have written it down.” This adage has kept me thinking and writing! 😉 A Heart for God! Image credit: This Easter season, our church pas

Make Space for Others!

We like to stream medical-themed shows these days. They are rotated into our viewing queue of intense crime dramas, laugh-out-loud comedies and “who-done-it?” mystery-filled television series. The setting of our favorite “med shows” is usually the hospital emergency room. This is where the critically injured or ill patients are transported for triage. Some of these individuals are brought in for treatment without family or friends to accompany them. My Friend, Joel Newton! 20th Anniversary, Woodland, Peoria! “Is there anyone we can call for you to let them know you are here?” is a common question asked by hospital personnel. The other night, we were watching as doctors tried to treat a middle-aged professional who had a critical, life-threatening heart condition. He was demanding and impatient thinking he would be quickly diagnosed, treated, and released. You could expect this guy to describe himself as a “compulsive workaholic” and proud of it! A turning point in this episode came a

"Learning Anytime!"

Our daughter, Michelle, made a post recently on social media. She does this a lot as she encouragers so many of her friends and contacts. She is a homeschool mother of four these days after spending fourteen years in the public schools teaching math. She has a small business on the side that promotes a healthy lifestyle. She serves as a part time administrative assistant for her church and serves another not-for-profit business as well. She is busy and productive! I’m proud of her! Dawson Michael In the "Lap of Learning!" She wrote this “on the fly” a few days ago, “Today, we untraditionally learned! We took our school supplies in the car and did our work while we waited for the boys’ haircuts to be finished! This is what I want – learning whenever and however! Learning anytime and every time!” I love how she “practices what she teaches!” The other night or shall I say, early morning, I was awakened with some mild discomfort from my osteoarthritis. I decided to spend the ti


One of the things I have always enjoyed as a pastor is the variety of things that I am often asked to do. In a very real sense, the calling to pastor is the work of a generalist. The pastor is a care giver, a leader-administrator, and a proclaimer of the gospel. Of course, we are also friends, family members and citizens in our communities. Each of the roles we play are opportunities to serve. The Good Shepherd Image credit: Recently, I was asked to preach the traditional service in my home church - Springfield First UMC. One of our pastors took some much-needed time off and I had the privilege of substituting for him. Since the pastors were in a pre-Easter series on the Parables, I was assigned the one on the Talents from Matthew 25. Here is an excerpt from that message… ”This story today in verses 14-30 of the Talents , shows us the necessity of using well what God has entrusted to us. The point of this parable is not how much God has entrusted, but rather how