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Grand Memories!

We recently had three grandsons for two nights and three days. Their parents and older sister were out of state visiting on a college tour. Although everyone lives nearby,   their busy schedules and ours as well don’t allow for as much one on one time with these guys that we all would like. Our “number one” in this family officially becomes a teenager on Friday of this week and he’s excited about that! His closest aged brother turned ten in January and their little brother is going to be eight in May. Adventure at the Pond! A Teenager's Homemade Crossbow! These are good boys who have had spiritual training since their birth. They are disciplined and becoming more independent these days. The family responsibility chart on their hall wall tells the story of accountability and partnership in household chores. They are polite and engaging when interacting with adults. Their parents are huggers and openly affectionate. It is not surprising that these brothers love, respect, and look out

Pastoring Your Pastor

I recently received a sympathy card with a meaningful note on the side page. It has had me thinking since I read it. Among other comforting words written, there was an especially touching sentence that simply said, “It’s difficult to speak to a pastor about the loss of their loved one, but the loss is still the same.” Those phrases “difficult to speak to a pastor” and “the loss is still the same” are still swirling around in my mind. I was so appreciative of these sentiments that I immediately called these friends. I wanted to express my thanks to them for taking the time to write those candid and hope-filled thoughts down for my comfort. Comfort One Another Credit: After decades of service as a pastor in a half dozen churches from Texas to Illinois, I have often wondered how pastors sometimes make it difficult for their members to share comfort with them. Without intending to do this, I think we can build barriers by saying, “We’re doing okay. We have a lot of supp

"What's This Thingy?"

When I think I am through writing about technology, then another “new thingy,” (at least to me!), comes along! Our middle-aged son, Marc, was recently in an Austin area Apple Store when he captured a moment that had him thinking about his own future. Apple does an excellent job of supporting their customers by giving new iPhone users a hands-on tutorial. The presentation involved a group of mostly senior adult newbies who were learning skills, like how to enlarge a text font, as well as where   to locate the “magnifier app” in utilities. The latter app was of interest to me because the fine print of grocery item labels is getting finer these days! It is another level of “shrink inflation!” "What's this thingy?" iPhone 101 - Marc K . Monique continues to teach as a substitute and often struggles using technology in the classroom. The younger students are more than happy to help guide her! 😊 At the end of this year, our local elementary school will have transitioned to us

"Whistle While You Work!"

At the senior living facility where I serve as a chaplain, I have recently heard some mysterious sounds like birds chirping each time I have visited. I thought at first that the sound might have come from one of the safety alarms on the ceiling. The longer this strange phenomenon went on the more I became confused. Credit: When I asked one of my “go-to guys” where that whistling chirping sound was coming from and if he could hear it, he said, “Oh yes, but I don’t always pay attention to it. That sound comes from Angel, one of our CNA’s, who’s here today for her shift!” I exclaimed, “How does she do that? It sounds so realistic!” My friend gave me his best deadpan response, “It’s a gift, I guess!” This week I got to see and hear this gifted and popular caregiver in action and up close. While Angel whistled her delightful chirping like a professional, I looked up from the table where I was chatting with three resident friends. Angel was leaning over the stair banister