A Heart for God!

In the days of Lent leading up to Easter, many of us may have made some renewed promises related to our spiritual growth. Now, I wonder how we are doing in keeping those promises. It is not easy to follow through when there are so many distractions. Clear, sunny days with warmer temperatures call us to get outdoors where sporting activities, family gatherings, and home projects get in the way of following through.

Our progress report card may have various boxes to be checked: weekly church attendance. small group participation, and service in the community. Are we keeping current with daily Bible readings, making time for prayerful reflections, and for those who like to write, journaling our insights? I like to follow the advice of one of my seminary professors years ago who declared, “You haven’t really thought about something until you have written it down.” This adage has kept me thinking and writing! 😉

A Heart for God!
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This Easter season, our church pastors recently embarked on an engaging and serious sermon series on The Apostle’s Creed (I believe...). In this series, we are considering the fundamental tenants of the Christian faith: God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; the meaning of forgiveness and salvation; the significance of Christ’s resurrection, ascension and second coming; and the mission of the church until Christ returns. This study is inspirational, instructional, and sure to challenge our spiritual intelligence!

Here’s some practical advice to growing spiritually - make a commitment to regular and preferably, in-person Sunday worship and weekly involvement in a small group Bible study. Schedule it and don’t yield to the temptation to detour from your commitment to it. Whatever the sermon or study topic, come prepared each week to sit with your Bible, pen and paper. Take notes and turn these insights into your own study throughout the week. Freshen your daily study time with a devotion app like Our Daily Bread. Read, study, or journal your way through a Bible book like one of Paul’s shorter letters (Philippians, Ephesians, 1 Thessalonians, etc.). Spend some time giving thought to what you are reading.

Years ago, I had a Sunday off and we took the family to another church outside of our faith tradition. I had coached the kids beforehand that we would pass on participating in the Lord’s Supper if it should be offered. One of our five-year-old twins was sitting on the aisle as the usher came by to serve our pew. Without hesitation, Melissa commented as she received the tray with the Communion elements, “No thanks! I’m stuffed!” The usher and several in our pew chuckled at her spontaneous comment!

Israel’s King David had a heart for God. Although, David wasn’t perfect and did make serious mistakes in his life, his heart was in the right place! It beat in rhythm with God’s heart so that David wanted what God wanted. That’s why the prophet Samuel said about David, “The Lord has sought out a man after his own heart and appointed him leader of his people.” (1 Samuel 13:14). David praised God with this commitment, “I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.” (Psalm 40:8). God had found His man the day He called David to serve Him!

God is still looking for men and women of all ages who have a heart and longing for God! He desires for His children to want more and more of Him. Therefore, we cannot say, “I’m spiritually stuffed! I don’t need any more of this church stuff!” Can you see why it’s just not spiritually tenable to think that we have done all that is required, don’t need to do more, or take further actions to change or grow in our spiritual life?

Where is your heart today? Let it beat in rhythm with God’s plan for you!

Mike Keppler, retired pastor,

active churchman and
doting grandparent.
Contact: drmjkeppler@gmail.com 




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