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Anticipating Graduation

We have had a beautiful ornamental shrub in the front of our house that has played a prominent role in every graduation we have celebrated over the past 28 years. The delicate, purple-colored petals of this rhododendron have been the backdrop to many photos during the latter weeks of May. Annually, it has bloomed at the perfect time for us to celebrate elementary, secondary, and college graduations! Although they won't be around to get that special picture, we do have two special grandsons - Brady and Ben - who will be celebrating their 8th grade graduations in the next few days and their passage into high school this fall. Oh, how those years have passed so quickly! And there are more celebrations coming! I said to our grand daughter, Chloe, just the other day, "Sweet Girl, someday, you will be standing before the 'ole rhodie' mugging for the camera in all your youthful beauty as we mark for all-time the accomplishments represented by your graduation." While I