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Find Your Niche!

It’s not always easy to find what you are good at and what you enjoy doing, too! Our two oldest grandsons, Brady and Ben, have had the initial experience of declaring a major now that they have completed their application processes to enter college in the fall. Brady has chosen business and Ben is thinking he will do a double major in biology and art. I think it is predictable that they will likely refine their choices. It’s been my observation that many young college students change their majors within the first couple of years of college! Image credit: I am watching with prayers and great interest, as the middle-aged guys of our family (the dads of those same new college students) have already moved through a few chapters of change in their own professional careers. Advancements often feel like two or three slow steps forward and sometimes… one or two steps backwards! The increased responsibility and pay are rewarding, but the adjustments to change in the workplace can th

The Gift of Appreciation!

There is no “best by” date for showing appreciation to your pastor or for that matter anyone! Many churches designate October as their Pastor Appreciation Month emphasis, but our beloved six-year-old granddaughter, Klaire, chose this past Easter. It was all her idea! Klaire’s family has been active members of the Paragon Church in Rio Rancho, NM, for several years now. It is an exciting church plant born out of their previous church, First Baptist.  Matt Sellers is the lead pastor. He and his wife, Christy, have served Paragon for over twelve years now and they are the proud parents of 7 children! Paragon is alive with many kids each Lord’s Day and three of them are our grands! An Easter Pastor Appreciation! Klaire loves her pastor, and she couldn’t wait to show it! She took her little pencil in hand and wrote him the sweetest note that said, “Pastor Matt. You are the best Pastor. Thank you for teaching me about Jesus. Klaire.” On Easter Sunday, she gave him the note along with a packa

"I'm Scaring Myself!"

In a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune , a curious comment was made about fear. On this occasion, the contestant in control of “the wheel” had landed on the “express train” wedge. This high energy moment doesn’t require any further spinning. Pat Sajak, the host, always begins with the question, “Do you want to do this?” and with an affirmative response, the action begins! Credit: Dawin Rizzo, We all watched with anticipation as the excited contestant began to carefully choose one consonant after another in his methodical effort to complete the puzzle. It became obvious that the man had purposefully slowed his rate of selection to avoid any mistakes, but his deliberate and painful pace had everyone else on an emotional edge! Finally, after what seemed to be several tortuous moments punctuated with thoughtful pauses, the prize puzzle was solved. The board was complete with the words “sea urchins and exotic fish.” This lucky man had won a trip to a Caribbean destination! A

A Split Second!

I am sure that my eyes used to “glaze over” a little when older adults in our church began talking about their illnesses, doctor appointments and exploratory procedures. Now that I am one of those Medicare card-carrying seniors, I have joined the ranks of my peers who delight in droning on with numerous war stories! We had another procedure this week that required general anesthesia. By now we know the regimen because of experiences with past colonoscopies! The drill at the clinic surgery center has become all too familiar! Image credit: This time it was an endoscopy. The first for either one of us. Monique has had a persistent cough for months now and our endocrinologist decided to clinically scope her “food pipe” as he referred to it. Technology has advanced to the point that the scope is equipped to take a biopsy, stretch or dilate any narrowed areas, and it is also fitted with a camera to document everything discovered with numerous pictures. All of this is quite