Focus: Serve by Design

Mission: Resourcing Next Generation Leaders (Identify and Equip).

  • Facilitating Leadership Development: “Do you have all the leaders you need?”
  • Promoting a “Culture of Feedback” that enhances minister and member relations: “How do you deal with expectations and perceptions?”
  • Email: drmjkeppler@gmail.com 

Leadership Development

For several years now, I have been utilizing a leader development model called Design 1.2.3. This involves using mentors to help clarify the gift mix of mentees and encourage them toward a place of service in the church or community. This model has been used with success in the local church. It involves a 3-step process of assessment, affirmation and action that begins with a single Saturday morning session of 2-3 hours’ duration. The essential strategy for this model includes: spiritual gift assessment, mentor affirmation and encouragement, and action opportunities for church-community service. Doubts About Serving?

Feedback Processes (Evaluation)

I have made a considerable investment in years of ministry through practice and research that led to a Doctor of Ministries dissertation in 2003 - The Influence of Feedback Processes on Clergy and Lay Leader Relationships.

I like to encourage churches (particularly before they call their next lead or senior pastor) and help them develop feedback strategies to “manage expectations” that promote better communication and stronger relations between pastor - staff leaders and the church’s lay leadership.

Consultations and Mentoring

I am available to meet with pastor search teams, lay Bible study leadership and other church leaders to discuss implementation of these strategies.


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