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Managing Youthful Vigor

My Grandson Benjamin looks out for his Poppi! He started treating me with respect and deference long before he was employed this summer as a part-time “stretch therapist” by the local chiropractor. I like to believe his gentle back rub greeting has been perfected since his clinical experiences of late! "My favorite tour guide!" Ben meets people well, loves his family and has numerous close friends. Subsequently, he has become a social magnet for serious discussions, understanding popular culture and is always up for the plain enjoyment of being together. He’s my “go-to guy!” We have enjoyed sharing insights about our current reads with each other while chatting near the bookshelf in his bedroom. Ben likes to read all kinds of literature. When it comes to movies…there isn’t anyone I’d rather see something special with on the Big Screen at Cinemark or even the Little Screen in the upstairs home theater than Ben! This year we adventured through Black Panther , Mission Impossib

"Here's Your Sign!"

It took me two attempts this morning at the nearby Texas Target to get the sign right! Monique has been doing her daily walk at this store for years now while we are on vacation and visiting family. It is a convenient and spacious setting for her to begin the daily count toward her goal of 10,000 steps! When I drove into the store parking area, I noticed that the upright portion of the “Stop for Pedestrians” crosswalk sign was lying flat on the pavement. It was obvious that it had already been run over by cars passing through the marked caution zone. Apparently, no one had cared to put it back on its stand. My Boy Scout instincts kicked in as I approached the store entrance. I couldn’t pass this poor sign again and not intervene. I reached down, picked up the separated information piece, and took my foot and gently pressed it down into its place perpendicular to the base. It took seconds to accomplish the task! Just as I had completed my mission and turned toward the entrance, I he

Be Aware and On Track!

During our Texas vacation, I walked in the neighborhood each morning before sunrise. My usual workout at home involves the treadmill and recumbent bicycle. Since summers in the Lone Star State can be brutal, I prefer a somewhat “cooler” walk at 5:30am when the temperature is 80 degrees instead of 107 degrees after lunchtime! Every morning I enjoy meeting several residents walking along with their dogs on a leash. These various sized canines are eager to be outside, sniffing the smells and wagging their tails. Image credit: This week,   while driving home from the grocery store, we encountered a different approach to an afternoon stroll. It was something spectacular!   A young preteen was riding his bike uphill through the busy neighborhood intersection. What made this so unusual was that this young guy was also holding the left handlebar grip while gripping a remote control with the same hand. I don’t know how he did it, but he reached across the bars with his right han

Bridging Cultures for Christ

We are vacationing in Texas with family and friends and have had recent opportunities to use Google Translate. One was at the Walmart in the Austin area and another was at the Holiday Inn in Granbury. This free translation service is so handy to access through a smart phone and it immediately enhances communication! When we checked into our Granbury motel, I mentioned to management at the front desk that we would not be needing full room service during our brief two-night stay. We customarily, in such cases, just change out our washcloths and towels. Later in the day, I saw the housekeeping lady at the end of the hall. When I tried to speak to her about our preferences, she immediately replied in broken language, “No Habla Ingl├ęs!” Credit: Mohamed Hassan Image: The woman held her index finger up to signify that she needed one moment. She then opened an app on her cell phone and handed it to me. The English-Spanish translator was ready to use. I spoke into the microphone,