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Right Place! Right Time!

On Saturday, October 14, 2023, 10:36 am, a spectacular event occurred that could only be observed in parts of the western United States, as well as Central and South America. Weeks in advance of the annular solar eclipse, I was reading and hearing about it on the news. I knew that we were going to be visiting our family during this exact time. I just didn’t realize, at the time of first hearing about this, just how unique it all would be! We quite literally were in the “right place at the right time!” The zenith point for optimal viewing of this epic eclipse was Albuquerque, New Mexico! Looking upward with our "stylish" eclipse glasses! We took it all in so easily as we stood in our daughter’s kitchen in the suburb of nearby Rio Rancho and looked out over the Sandia Mountains to the east. It was like we were standing in a private celestial theater. What made this solar eclipse so unusual was that it happened when the moon orbited at its farthest point from earth. As it passed


“The sincerest form of flattery is imitation!” This observation is widely credited to Oscar Wilde, the popular 19 th century poet and playwright. However, there are similar but sarcastic statements that date a hundred years earlier such as: “Imitation is kind of artless flattery” or “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” I prefer the Wilde expression over the other two for sure! My Mini-Me! I have known for a long time that children watch adults in their lives and often mimic their behavior. I did this when I was a child! I wanted to wear a ball cap, have a toothpick in my mouth and cover my hands with inexpensive brown Jersey gloves like my dad. I was surprised recently during a family visit to see that my six-year-old granddaughter, Klaire, was imitating me. When I am in a “crowd situation” at family gatherings I like to mark my glass when there are so many drinking glasses it is nearly impossible to keep track of who’s glass belongs

"Sitting At His Feet"

Whenever we visit our daughter and her family in New Mexico, Monique and I have the additional delight of enjoying their two beautiful dogs as well. We first met their 5-year-old Mini Golden-Doodle, Sophie Grace, in 2018. She is an intelligent and intuitive mother hen. Sophie is well trained, obedient, and watches our reactions to anticipate our moods and desires. The one-year-old, Mocha Latte, a black and white, Shiatzu, is “learning the ropes.” He is the newest member of “Team Defrees” and is quite charming, playful, and energetic, but immature at times as he tags along behind Sophie. They make a most loving and entertaining duo! Sophie and Mocha under foot!💕 Since we don’t have a pet at home anymore because of the passing of our dear Cock-a-Poodle, Freddie, some years ago, it is definitely an adjustment for Monique and me to have to navigate around the house when these feisty canines are competing with us for the same space in the kitchen, family room and bedroom areas. It’s easy f

An Orthodontic Cookie!

I was asked yesterday by my son-in-law, Reece, to help get one of our grandsons to an after-school appointment at the orthodontist. We are out in New Mexico for a few days visiting family and friends.  Reece was already busy picking up his other son and needed to get home to complete his workday. I have forgotten how stressed busy young families are with their many commitments. Just the coming and going required to shuttle their students to school and extracurricular activities is demanding enough.  I love partnering opportunities like these. It’s more than lending practical support, but also gives me time for a sustained, one-on-one conversation with another beloved grandson that we only see a couple times out of the year! Klay At Play! 😏 As we arrived for the adjustment to Klay’s braces and checked in, I was immediately impressed with the waiting area for this orthodontal practice. The receptionist was smiling and kind. The minimalist approach to the décor was modern with just the r