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"Bobbing and Weaving!" While Looking Back!

Our comedic, number-two son, surprised me this Father's Day with a humorous and candid remembrance from the family past... "'Heads bobbing and weaving!'... you would yell at Matt and me as a signal to start looking for cars as you backed out of a spot in our three-row, 1986 Caprice Wagon. Kids were a precursor to the backup camera in those days. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I ever actually looked for cars as it was just fun to move my head back and forth! Happy Father's Day, Dad!" "Old Blue!" The greeting brought back some fond memories of the old blue station wagon that served as our primary vehicle during the late eighties and nineties. That wagon was our version of the popular people mover of the time, the minivan, and it kept me from ever having to own a real one!  In that social media greeting, Marc had reminded us that "back in the day" we utilized the eyes and ears of four children to keep us out of some vehicul

A Voracious Appetite!

Marc is our family gardener! He lives in a climate that allows for two growing seasons and he takes advantage of both. In just four boxes on top of the ground, he grows tomatoes, green beans, melons, squash, radishes, carrots, hot peppers and of course, okra, a Texan's favorite! (Please check out this previous blog article - ) Some could say Marc has a "green thumb!" Yet, you would be mistaken to think that his gardening successes are nothing more than plant, grow and harvest. Marc takes great pains to keep at bay all the weeds and critters that come to share in his bounty! "Tobacco Hornworm" Not a gardener's friend! One pesky intruder turned up with several comrades this season and went to work immediately on any and everything that had a leaf or fruit on it! Especially, the tomato plants! Marc thought at first that this was a tomato herbivore, but after some research, he identified thi

"How are you hanging on?'

On numerous occasions during these past months of coping with life-issues in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic, I have been asking this question of friends and acquaintances, "How are you hanging on?" I sense a lot of angst, uncertainty, and agitation in the expressions of many these days. I am learning that empathetic listening is therapeutic for others and for me as well. There are stories that need to be told and we are helped by hearing them and in sharing them. Monique and I ventured out of town recently on a grocery run and to eat "carry out" at one of our favorite haunts. We usually frequent this eatery on Friday evenings, but this time it was midweek. We have only given ourselves permission to do this once before so we are novices concerning the necessary protocols that are involved. We refreshed our preferences by looking at an online menu while out front and then we called in our order. Everything fell in place rather quickly. The order was taken

The Bible Is Not A Prop!

I was disappointed this week to see our nation's highest elected leader using the Bible as a prop on national television. It came about during the recent protests over the senseless death of another African American male at the hands of law enforcement officers. The setting for what seemed to be nothing more than a photo-op was the historic St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C., one block from the White House. This church has been a place of worship for many American Presidents throughout its 200-year history. An Interacted and Used  Bible! The Bible is the Word of God! It is God's written revelation of Himself and His saving plan for the world. But the Bible is not a prop or a political ploy! A "prop" by definition is a "theatrical property, something to be used for a media production or theatrical play." To use the Bible in this manner or way is a misuse of this blessed and life-changing gift of God. I received a picture and comment