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Mentoring Leaders Are Stewards!

I have been asked to serve as a presenter for a small group intensive. It is a supportive role as part of a larger meeting of leaders convening for a two-day conference hosted by our Baptist state convention. This is my second stint at contributing in this way. I led a similar breakout session two years ago.  My topic this year is titled, "Reimagine Mentoring Mentors." After 45 years of pastoral ministry, I have discovered and rediscovered over the years that it is humanly impossible for me to do everything that needs to be done in local church ministry. Therefore, to be effective as a pastor-teacher at equipping others to do the work of the ministry (see Ephesians 4:11-13), I need to utilize the mentoring leaders God gives to the local church. Stewardship is about time, talents and treasures! Mentoring leaders are stewards and managers of God's resources. With respect to the resource of men and women who serve as God's leaders in the local church, mentors are s

Fun With Slime!

Who would have thought that a person could find anything redeeming about slime? I remember a television personality in Houston years ago who tracked the results of the weekly health department inspections on the local eateries and then would report the results on the Friday evening news. He loved to exclaim one particular infraction, "Slime in the ice machine!" This phrase would send chills down the backsides of all patrons who had just eaten at that restaurant. No one wanted to think about anything slimy getting into their favorite beverage! So, when our beloved pre-teen grand daughter started begging us to give her every bottle of Elmer's Glue we had in the house, we began to wonder what she was doing with this creamy household adhesive. She innocently stated, "Poppi, I'm making slime with it!" She said it so matter-of-factly that I felt ashamed that I had not guessed something so obvious to her before this conversation. Our dearest then asked, "Do

Reading the Bible Aloud

During January, many Christians think about their spiritual lives and make resolutions to read the Word of God more faithfully each day. Some of that reading is done by reading the "whole of the Word" through a systematic read-the-Bible-through plan. This gives the reader a broad view of the biblical message. The simplest way to read the Bible in one year is to read two chapters from the Old Testament and one chapter from the New Testament each day. By the end of the year, you will have read through all sixty-six books. Another way to read the Bible is in "small bites" by using a devotional booklet or tablet app like Our Daily Bread . This shorter plan gives us a manageable, daily portion of nourishment in the Word. Both reading plans are good and balanced. They give us daily exposure to the inspiration and instruction of God's Holy Word. One resolution you may not often hear is the plan in the New Year to read the Bible... aloud! Yes! There is incredible val

Dr Pepper Beans!

Image Trademarked Dr Pepper/ Seven Up, Inc. I rounded the isle at the big box grocery store and my eyes fixated on a startling sight - Dr Pepper Beans! I thought at first, "Only in Texas!" but then I caught myself, "This is Springfield, Illinois!" We have been back in the Prairie State for 27 years now! What was I thinking? However, fifteen years of being brain-washed with the iconic Texas brew of Dr Pepper everything, does have a lasting effect on a guy! I wanted to buy a can, but Mrs. K put me off by saying she is well stocked with ranch beans, pork 'n beans and organic black beans. So, as soon as we work through our bean inventory in the pantry, I'm heading to the store to bring home some of those "Sweet and a bit Sassy" Dr Pepper Beans! I was surprised, however, and a bit disappointed to read on the label that these beans were distributed by Good Eats Foods Co. of Fayetteville, Arkansas. I don't have anything