Grilling With Family!

It’s a fact that a lot of what we do with family in the summer months involves food! If you were to track our gatherings, you would see that outdoor grills of every shape and size abound. It is a rite of passage that everyone from the youngest to the oldest become proficient in using these auxiliary cooking devices, especially, but not exclusively, the guys. It’s one way that the ladies get the guys out of the kitchen to make a mess they have to clean up!

From H-E-B to the Grill!
The outdoor grilling experience begins with a good product. When in Texas, our go-to store is the home grown and independently owned, H-E-B, founded in 1905 by the Howard E. Butt family. You can do the research on this grocery chain if you wish, but if you have lived in the Lone Star State any length of time, you know about the prolific H-E-B! (The H-E-B Story)

While staying at Marc and Leslie's, we are conveniently in proximity to one of the companies’ flagship stores out in the Leander area. This 103,000 square feet of grocery shopping opened their doors in the fall of 2021 in the new Bar W Marketplace. It’s a pretty impressive spread!

There is something special about a family-owned and employee-invested grocery store. It’s the pride, energy and commitment to customer service that you see and feel as you enter the door. The variety of produce, meats, bakery and grocery products spoils anyone shopping with so many choices from which to choose. I am always drawn to descriptors of freshness, scratch made, artisan, and decadent pastries. When shopping for an excellent selection of beef, pork or chicken, we always gravitate towards H-E-B! And this store seldom disappoints!

What many may not know is that H-E-B, since its founding, has always had a commitment to giving back to the community! They give 5% of their profits to hunger and disaster relief, education, and various diversity causes. Recently, they were one of the first to offer support to the Uvalde community that has been devastated by another senseless mass murder incident. H-E-B has donated 10 million dollars to help build a new elementary school. This is just another example of how this great company gives back. After the Uvalde tragedy, Charles Butt, CEO, offered this perspective as a part of his remarks, "As we continue to mourn this tremendous loss... H-E-B is working to ensure that the Uvalde community can move forward... Our children are this country's future, and our schools should be a safe place where children can thrive and envision new possibilities."

The spirit of generosity makes this world a better place! I don't think we should do without or cut back on many of our government programs that address the needs resulting from tragedies whether by willful intent or accident. Yet, I wonder how much good could be accomplished if each of us would hold the treasures of this life in an open hand. Businesses, foundations, volunteer organizations, individual involvement and of course, the expansive work of so many churches, have collective and potential resources that continue to be used in making a difference in this world. 

We should all step up and do what we can to impact this world for Christ by acts of kindness, compassion, witness, and generous sharing. It is more than just a succinct biblical affirmation to say, "Giving brings a far greater blessing than receiving!" (Acts 20:35, TPT).  Let's continue to give this maxim of faith a daily expression in our lives!

Mike Keppler, retired pastor,
active churchman and
doting grandparent.


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