"I Have Spoken!"

The Mandalorian is a new hit series created by Jon Favreau for Disney Plus. Favreau also produced Iron Man, The Avengers, and Spider Man and is known for his story-tellingvisual effects, selection of music and actors for his series. The Mandalorian has just concluded eight episodes and is set for a second season to debut as soon as the fall of 2020. This venture is already a big success among lovers of the Star Wars genre. Favreau's genius is often compared to George Lucas! Mandalorian is a lone bounty hunter who works in the outer glaxacies of the Star Wars universe with a cute, large eared Baby Yoda as his side-kick. The series' characters and story-lines are compelling and fascinating. It is hard for viewers not to "binge watch" this at one sitting!

Actor Nick Nolte plays a most unique character among the cast. The ageless Nolte (soon to be 79 years old!), is an "Ugnaught" or diminutive humanoid with an upturned nose and thick jowls named Kuiil (pronounced, kwee-earl). He is adept at riding a huge, bi-pedal creature that bounces across the terrain. Kuiil is smart, shrewd, skilled and selfless. He partners with Mandalorian on several occasions.  However, when he is finished speaking and has already begun to walk away, Kuiil abruptly and summarily concludes what he is saying with this cryptic comment, "I have spoken!" Meaning... end of discussion! He has given his opinion and that is all there is to say. I remember Forrest Gump saying something similar from a park bench, "And that's all I have to say about that!"
"God Speaks! We Listen!"
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People of faith have long known about the definitive power of the "spoken word." The Hebrews believed that when God spoke, the words could not be taken back. God's Word would go forth to accomplish all that He purposed. "Let there be light" (Genesis 1:3) meant that light would divide the darkness at Creation. God would say through the prophet Isaiah, "As the rain and the snow come down... to water the earth making it bring forth and sprout... so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it" (Isa. 55:10-11 ESV).

"Thus says the Lord" is an oft-repeated phrase in the Bible. More than 1,900 times in Scripture the prophetic writers declared that their messages were from God. This expression occurs approximately 500 times in the Pentateuch and more than 1,200 times in the books of the prophets. The phrase was to clarify that the prophets spoke from the Lord Himself and not by their own ideas or opinions. A prophet (nabi), by definition, was "one called to speak." The prophet may have been verbally communicating the message, but its source was clearly from God! It was His Word!

What is God saying to us who are believers, parents, workers, citizens and church leaders as we begin this New Year and decade of 2020? Jesus was very clear when He taught the Disciples through parables or precept, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear!" (Matthew 11:15; Mark 4:9, 23). God is surely calling his followers to give heed, listen up, and pay close attention. In short, God through His Word is saying to each of us, "I have spoken!" Let's make a resolution to get a plan and stick to it as we daily read the Bible this year. What promise, special message or encouragement could God be speaking to us if we would make some time for Him and block out the distractions? Let's make it a priority to come before Him, anxious to listen, attentive to take in every word and be full of anticipation for how He plans to direct our lives!

Happy New Year!

Mike Keppler, retired pastor,
active churchman and
doting grandparent.
Contact: drmjkeppler@gmail.com


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